Comparison of BA’s new distance based award chart for partners and LAN’s distance based award charts for partners

British Airways’ announced changes to it’s frequent flyer program went into effect today. Lets take a look at BA Avios’ new distance-based award table to locate the sweet spots as well as compare it with LAN’s (another OneWorld partner), distance-based award table.

Here is a snapshot for easier comparison of the two award tables. please note that LAN’s kilometer award table has been converted to miles for easier comparison. Check this post for more details on LAN’s “good deals” on short-haul non-stop round-trip awards.

As we from the above tables, BA’s partners only new award chart appears very similar to LAN’s partner award chart. Each of the two tables has some sweet spots but overall there is not much to choose from between the two.

One important difference between the two tables which tilts the balance in favor of British Airways is the ability to redeem for one-ways only. LAN’s awards are for round-trips only. This feature makes the BA’s new award chart extremely attractive, especially for domestic travel within and around North America. For example, ORD-SJU comes to 12,500 miles each way and so does LAX-HNL. Also, most of the airports that have non-stop flights from AA hubs at ORD, JFK, MIA, DFW and LAX fall within 2,750 range except for transcontinental flights, and connecting  and multi-stop flights.

I am working on a detailed analysis and the impact of this new award chart for BA’s Avios’ North American customers and will post over next few days.


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