List of AAdvantage Redemption Partner Airlines that serve international destinations to/from North American

There are 24 Airlines that participate in the AAdvantage award redemption. These are:

  1. American Airlines
  2. British Airways
  3. Cathay Pacific
  4. Finnair
  5. Iberia
  6. Japan Airlines
  7. LAN Airlines
  8. Malév Hungarian Airlines
  9. Mexicana
  10. Qantas Airways
  11. Royal Jordanian Airlines
  12. S7 Airlines
  13. airberlin
  14. Air Pacific
  15. Air Tahiti Nui
  16. Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air
  17. Cape Air
  18. EL AL
  19. Etihad Airways
  20. GOL
  21. Gulf Air
  22. Hawaiian Airlines
  23. Jet Airways
  24. Kingfisher

Out of these, 17 Airlines serve North American region to/from international destinations. These include:

  1. American Airlines
  2. British Airways
  3. Cathay Pacific
  4. Finnair
  5. Iberia
  6. Japan Airlines
  7. LAN Airlines
  8. Qantas Airways
  9. Royal Jordanian Airlines
  10. airberlin
  11. Air Pacific
  12. Air Tahiti Nui
  13. EL AL
  14. Etihad Airways
  15. GOL
  16. Hawaiian Airlines
  17. Jet Airways

This list can help you plan your AAdvantage Awards as well as build a stopover enroute if your seek one. I will be posting a list of possible stopover destinations in another post shortly.


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4 Responses to List of AAdvantage Redemption Partner Airlines that serve international destinations to/from North American

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  2. Ed says:

    Unfortunately, AA explicitly forbids using HA to/from North America; or at best, forbids it when in combination with an international destination. See AA Award Chart (#1). See Discussion (#2).

    Otherwise, it would be particularly attractive to fly HNL-JFK (HA) , then much later JFK-AUH-MLE (EY). A business class o/w would be 67.5k for these two legs. This still appears possible using AA (and maybe AS), but with annoying routing/stops on the way to New York (or my final, real destination, WAS).


    • AwardGuru says:

      As pointed out in this post (, AA now allows US-Hawaii award redemption on HA. Check this link on AA’s website:

      Now, as far as stopovers using HA are concerned, you can easily have a stopover in HNL enroute to Pacific or Asian destination as HNL can be treated as North American gateway on certain routes. And with the new HNL-JFK route starting next summer, JFK could also be a great stopover option enroute to SA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and India. However, please note that for any award itinerary to be valid as a single award, it is important there be a published fare between your origin and destination on the operating airline. A great example would be EY one that you have raised in your comment.

      Unfortunately, JFK-AUH-MLE on EY is not have a published fare or routing on EY. Same applies for ORD-AUH-MLE. However, you can book an award on YYZ-AUH-MLE route. Further, please note that for HNL-XXX-YYZ-AUH-MLE to work, your entire award including the stopover has to have a published routing. In this case, although YYZ-MLE is published, HNL-MLE is not and thus it will not be issued as a single North America-Middle East/Indian Subcontinent award.

      Hope this helps you. I would welcome your comments.

  3. Ed says:

    Yes, definitely helpful. It raises a number of questions, perhaps for another post. The main crux is how and why are “published fares” produced? Feel free to answer any of the following: [1] I assume ExpertFlyer, “Fare Information Search” is the best way to see if a fare is published. True? [2] Are there any other ways? [3] Also, am I right to assume the “published fare” must be published by AA? [4] And toward the logic behind the system, does a “published by AA” fare imply a codeshared AA flight number; and [5] vice versa, that an AA flight number means I should be able to find a published fare? [6] Are you saying that while ORD-AUH-MLE is permitted, only ORD-AUH is codeshared AA; [7] and that AUH-MLE is EY; and [8] therefore, even that is unlikely to change to price as a single reward? [9] Or, only that it’s just unlikely to work using a designed stopover, because a published fare is unlikely to be between two end points that AA is not directly serving? [10] Amd If that is the case, how does the AA Award work on segments in regions where only non-AA carriers are present (e.g., MLE-AUH-ICN). [11] Does the published-fare-rule-must-exist stipulation only apply when it is AA + another carier?


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