2 Responses to Effect of new credit card applications on credit score

  1. Kush says:

    How exactly does app-o-rama work? Does it count as one pull altogether across all three bureaus or one pull per bureau? After doing a recent app-o-rama, I noticed multiple pulls for each bureau, even though applications were same day. Also, how long before a major purchase (home, car, etc) should one stop applying for cards?

    • AwardGuru says:

      When you do multiple credit card applications in a single day, your credit report will get hit by multiple hard inquiries most of which will stay. Some duplicate inquiries from the same card issuer will drop out. However, the effect on your credit score will be the same as if you had just one hard inquiry on your credit report. Also, please note that most of these lenders will check your credit from one Credit Bureau only and thus the number of inquiries may look like 3-4 inquiries at each of the 3 Bureaus. Hope this helps. Please feel free to ask if you need further clarification.

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