American Airlines changes it’s Lifetime Elite – Million Miler program

After months of rumors floating around on every travel blog and forum, AA has finally announced the changes to the Million Miler program. These changes have been expected for a long time and with this AA joins the club of all other airlines which only counts the actually miles flown with them (or eligible partner programs). Before this change, AA would count all miles earned – flying, credit cards, partner transfers etc for the Life time status. With this change, it will become very difficult to achieve million miler status for most of the folks.

One change we would have liked to see with this update is more generous benefits for MM status but unfortunately that didn’t come through. I believe AA already has a long list of Lifetime Gold members thanks to generous credit card deals, Starwood transfer etc so we don’t think there are any big benefits of hitting the lower tier status if you are looking for complimentary upgrades. It doesn’t hurt thought to get lifetime status if you are close to that 1MM (0r 2MM mark for lifetime platinum) number. In that case you might want to move fast and figure out a way to hit it before December 1st, 2011 when these changes go in effect.

Here is the link to AA notice on their website:


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