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The purpose of frequent flyer programs is to assure that travelers remain faithful to a certain airline. But on certain occasions it becomes difficult to book a flight on your preferred airlines and you end up with miles on other frequent flyer programs. What if you like to fly on Continental and hence most of the miles that you accumulate are on Star Alliance. But we are sure you do fly on Delta and American Airlines occasionally. So you might end up with a few miles on SkyTeam and OneWorld respectively.

As a result sometimes you do not have enough miles on your preferred frequent flyer programs and hence unable to book award seats using those miles. Most airlines require a minimum of 25 K miles to book a round-trip award but what should you do with the 17.5K miles that you might have accumulated on, say Delta. Do you order those magazines or do you order that calculator that you don’t need?

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could exchange your Delta miles with someone who has Continental miles and he doesn’t need those miles! That is exactly what you can do on where you can exchange airline miles and also exchange Hotel and Retail reward points.

Please note that there are hefty fees that come with all transfers through and in most cases, I do not value it highly. The purpose of this blog is opti-maxi-mizing the value and is not the best source to achieve that. I personally have never needed to use their services but do know a few people who have used them without knowledge of other options that they may possibly have.

Chances are high that you will receive less miles in exchange for your miles. But miles are like currencies, 6K Delta miles might be more valuable than 10K Continental miles to some. So investigate a little and go for the trade that works for you.

There are rules associate with each trade and you need to read those carefully before accepting any offer. Again,there are fees associated with each trade but you need to think of that as a convenience fee if you are pressed on time to reach that award threshold.

If you are indeed short of few miles to get an award seat then some airlines have an option of buying additional miles from their website. As an example, Continental airlines
will give you 2K miles for $75.25. So make sure you check for all available options before you make your purchase.


About AwardGuru

I call myself an avid reward program follower. I have been following the world of loyalty programs closely for the last 10 years. In other words, as my friends and family like to address me, a “Guru” in the world of rewards, awards, points, miles and everything in between. Over the years, my exploits in this world of affinity programs, my interactions with other enthusiasts in this field, professionals and the industry experts as well as my own experience dealing with different programs, I have gathered my own knowledge base. Obviously, I try to maximize the benefits from flights, travel, hotels, car rentals, dining, shopping, credit cards, finance… anything and everything that earns points and miles and then further maximize the value of these accumulated points and miles.
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