Amex Gold 50K MR and no 1st and 2nd yr fees

A targetted offer of an Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card with 2 years of the annual fee waived and 50,000 bonus points is making circles online. It’s an incredible deal, however it is a targeted promotion for  Columbia Business School 2011 and 2012 graduates. Also people who have an Amex charge card (Platinum, Gold, Premier Rewards, Green or Zync card), are not qualified for the bonus points. Folks on the flyertalk have reported success with this offer. As always take screen shots and call the membership rewards team to confirm the offer after the card is activated. Amex generally has good customer rep service and would allocate you points generously.

If you want to try your luck, here is the link


About AwardGuru

I call myself an avid reward program follower. I have been following the world of loyalty programs closely for the last 10 years. In other words, as my friends and family like to address me, a “Guru” in the world of rewards, awards, points, miles and everything in between. Over the years, my exploits in this world of affinity programs, my interactions with other enthusiasts in this field, professionals and the industry experts as well as my own experience dealing with different programs, I have gathered my own knowledge base. Obviously, I try to maximize the benefits from flights, travel, hotels, car rentals, dining, shopping, credit cards, finance… anything and everything that earns points and miles and then further maximize the value of these accumulated points and miles.
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